3-3/4″ Garage Door Torsion Spring Cones

We offer Winding and Stationary Cones in sets, or assembled to our Springs. Winding Cones fit into torsion springs to permit winding and tension adjustment. Stationary Cones fit into the end of a torsion spring permitting the spring to be fixed to the center bearing bracket, and may also incorporate a retainer for a ball bearing or a nylon bushing.

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Material: Aluminium alloy
Inside diameter :1 3/4’, 2’, 2 5/8’, 3 3/4’, 5 1/4’, 6’
Product name :Garage Door Torsion Spring Cones/
For use with 1” tube or solid shaft
Maximum Wire Size of .406” Diameter
Maximum torque generated by spring: 1390in-lbs
Sold as a pair(Included 1 Winding cone and 1 Stationary cone)
Two pieces set
Manufacturer warranty: 3 years
Package: Carton boxes

Available Options

3 3/4” Universal Stationary Spring Cone
3 3/4 ” Universal Black Winding Spring Cone L
3 3/4” Universal Red Winding Spring Cone R


Cones for 3 3/4’ inner diameter garage door springs
One winding cone and one stationary cone on each torsion spring
Allows tension to be added and retained
Winding cones work with winding bars
Stationary cones mount to an anchor bracket

The winding cone can be removed by securing it in a vise, the the wire end must be hooked. Next, you turn the wire off the cone following the same procedure. In the event a vise isn’t available, the same steps can be followed as mentioned previously. The main difference is that the bar will have to be inserted into the winding cone.

After the winding cones have been removed, any old oil on the cones should be removed before the new springs are installed. The cones in the springs should now be reinstalled. While this step could be done using a vise, it is easier to do with the cones and springs on the shaft.

If you want to install them yourself, you can follow these steps and get the job done properly. The winding cone is located at one end of the spring. A stationary cone is at the opposite end. Start with the stationary cone. Take the nuts and bolts from the spring anchor bracket and install them in the stationary cone.

Using a vise, grip both nuts tightly. The next step is extremely critical regarding the spring removal from the cone. The spring wire end should be hooked with a pipe wrench or by using large channel locks. The wrench should be turned to the point when the spring comes off of the cone.

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